The Brighter Side of Day

Starring Kathy Sledge

Kathy Sledge is a Renaissance woman — a singer, songwriter, author, producer, manager, and Grammy-nominated music icon whose boundless creativity and passion has garnered praise from critics and a legion of fans from all over the world. Her artistic triumphs encompass number one hits, platinum albums, and successful forays into several genres of popular music. Through her multi-faceted solo career and her legacy as an original vocalist in the group Sister Sledge, she's inspired millions of listeners across every generation.

Somewhere in the ethereal heavens, legendary icon Billie Holiday is surely smiling ever so brightly. Another illustrious vocalist, the acclaimed Kathy Sledge, has come along and captured all the magic that made Ms. Holiday so unforgettable. It's as if the two women knew each other personally. Ms. Sledge has effortlessly brought the effervescent Billie Holiday back to life through the magnetic musical; The Brighter Side of Day. This musical is a captivating theatrical production that propels you into the distinct sound of the 40's era. Symphonious horns, driving rhythms, captivating melodies, and an alluring atmosphere exemplify what we have come to know as simply Billie Holiday. For those who remember these times, you will find your experience hauntingly reminiscent. For those born in a different era, you will be pleasantly surprised how the music of the 40's was so significantly uplifting....ASTOUNDING! From the onset, this theatrical presentation muses the spirited musical cadence of that epoch. Ms. Sledge channels Billie Holiday's unique voice, creating an enchanting experience that makes The Brighter Side of Day one of the most noteworthy musical celebrations of our time. This Broadway-bound show takes you on a journey that allows you to experience Billie Holiday in a way never portrayed before. The Brighter Side of Day introduces you to another side of Billie Holiday that exposes and highlights her creativity and vivacity, leaving you with no doubt why she was referred to as "The Lady.”

Kathy Sledge is constantly setting new standards of excellence in her creative pursuits. While sitting on the Board of Directors for Nile Rodgers' We Are Family Foundation and serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for Antigua and Barbuda, she's finishing up her first book No, Means Next, a compendium of advice gleaned from her career and her own life's journey. Just like her idol Tina Turner before her, Kathy is hardly slowing down in this next chapter of her career. Tina might have hung up her dancing shoes, but they're a perfect fit for Kathy Sledge.

The band

Somebody Tell Joe

A group of the most accomplished musicians to date comprised of Michael Kwas, (piano) Philip Lightfoot ,(drums) Derrick Graves, (bass)and Joe Johnson ,(percussion). These musicians are all products of the Philadelphia music legacy. Collectively they have contributed their talents to projects for artists; Stevie Wonder, Stanley Clarke, Dexter Wanzel, and the late musicians George Howard, George Duke and Grover Washington, Jr. to name a few. Somebody Tell Joe members have all individually achieved and R&B Record chart success and along with currently tour worldwide with Kathy Sledge under the musical direction of Michael Kwas.

* The band named themselves from an inside joke their Percussionist, Joe Johnson, is always the last to know from never responding in the email correspondence.. Hence: Every group email signing off with,: Somebody Tell Joe.

The Chops Horns
The Chops Horns

The Chops Horns started out doing recording session for a series Gospel and R&B artists which lead to a lengthy stint with the historic rap label Sugar Hill Records. Next they served as the horn section for The Police's-"Ghost in the Machine World Tour," worked on the Rolling Stones "Undercover," Bob Dylan's "Empire Burlesque", Public Enemy's "Muse Sick In Our Mess Age," Christian Aguilera's "Stripped," Alicia Keys' "Diary of Alicia Key, "Unplugged" and "As I Am," Mariah Carey's "Emancipation of Mimi" and on the soundtracks movies; "Love Jones" and "Glory Road."


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